Alerts, Schedules and Checklists for Preventative and Non-Preventative Maintenance

Easy Fleet Management

One Place

A single location for tracking everything you own that requires maintenance. No more spreadsheets or trying to make other systems 'work'. Gearbox is a dedicated maintenance system that integrates with other systems so that each system focuses on what it does best.

Asset Status

Every asset has a single traffic light status to highlight which items need your attention. The Traffic light captures Registration, Service Due, Faults, Repairs and Inspection expiries to make sure nothing gets missed. The asset status can be shared with other systems.


Stay informed with daily high level email alerts from Gearbox. Registrations, Services, Repairs, Inspections... all components in the system. Prestart, Overloads and Faults are alerted via email as they happen for immediate action.

Services & Maintenance History

Services Due

Gearbox will alert for Services due based on Kilometres, Hours, Days or a combination of all three. Configure intervals and checklists with as much warning as required for each asset in your fleet. Schedule workorders on the service calender using click-n-drag for easy scheduling and visibility of work.

Maintenance History

Quickly and easily search maintenance history to make sure you're not paying for items under warranty or overservicing an asset. Email contractors recent maintenance history with just a few clicks.

Work Orders

Work Orders / Jobcards

Gearbox provides activity specific jobcards for Services, Repairs & Tyres. Jobcards may be printed, emailed or completed electronically by internal or external providers.

Parts & Labour

Parts can be added as required or configured against an asset to prefill the jobcard. Labour can be recorded by users to keep track of hours to manage costs and productivity.

Open Items & Alerts

Gearbox can be configured to automatically include all outstanding repairs and asset reminders and tyre workorders to a printed service jobcard. The same information is available on screen when using electronic jobcards.

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