Gearbox - TomTom Telematics Integration

No more data entry or spreadsheet imports for odometer and hourmeter readings.

Vehicle Tracking makes Services Due and Running Costs easy

Gearbox connects to TomTom Webfleet each night to collect odometer and or hourmeter readings. This updates the Service Due feature in Gearbox and provides a consistent source of readings for calculating running costs in cents per km or dollars per hour.

TomTom has grown from a Dutch start-up company producing PDAs to a multinational corporation with a strong focus in telematics and navigation. Responding to increasing demand for a simple, all-in-one navigation tool, TomTom developed the Portable Navigation Device, and has gone on to sell 80 million PNDs in 41 countries.

The expansion of TomTom’s telematics division has established the brand as a leading global provider of fleet management and vehicle telematics solutions, with its various markets reaching over 800 million people every day. TomTom is currently a key partner in collaborations for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving, working towards enhancing vehicle systems to increase road safety for all.

TomTom Telematics